Who is dating emmanuelle chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui has joined the cast of the crime thriller “Hospitality” opposite “True Blood” star Sam Trammell.

Chriqui plays Donna, a woman with a checkered past who must protect her son when a man brings trouble to her isolated bed and breakfast.

Already on parole but faced with the power being turned off ...

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With some different acting, hey, I might actually be able to sit through 95 minutes of it without getting close to crying at the pathetic attempt at a movie.So, here's what I recommend: Don't watch the movie at all (unless you're one of those people who try to watch really bad movies just to see how bad they are) If you MUST watch it, wait for it to come out on DVD, and rent it.Or wait for a stupid friend of yours to buy it, and borrow it.With French comic star Manu Payet taking his first stab at the helm (alongside co-director Rodolphe Lauga), this tale of a 30-year-old loser caught between his bride-to-be and childhood crush dishes out a few good ideas before succumbing to formula, strictly following the Hollywood rule book without adding anything fresh.French numbers for this Studio Canal release will be adequate amid lots of competition, while the presence of star Emmanuelle Chriqui should help drive modest international sales.

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