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The SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider supports dirty read isolation when the rowset concurrency is read-only.Therefore, the consumer can request a higher level of isolation in a modifiable rowset but cannot request any lower level successfully. STATUS FROM EMPLOYEE_MST em JOIN FA_SUBLEDGER_MST SL ON em. 00000 - "cannot modify a column which maps to a non key-preserved table" *Cause: An attempt was made to insert or update columns of a join view which map to a non-key-preserved table. OFFICE_ID SQL Error: ORA-01779: cannot modify a column which maps to a non key-preserved table 01779. Print out the string after you do variable substitution. Then, learn how to put parameters into queries, so you are not munging query strings, introducing potential syntax errors and SQL injection vulnerabilities.(In case you don't get it, there is no space before Add spacing in all the string literals you have as they might be the ones causing the issues you are experiencing.So back to my question, I want to know how I can edit the values of one specific record/row. I have tried the following: This was my try of updating the firs_Name in the second row only.

When the user clicks on edit, I want him to be able to click the parameters of that specific row and to update a single parameter (e.g., name); then, the other parameters (e.g., email, password, and address) should remain the same. "\n"; $sql = "UPDATE user SET name='".$name."',email='".$email."',password='".$password."',address='".$address."' WHERE id ='".$id."'"; if (!

In immediate update mode, each call to IRowset Change:: Set Data causes a round trip to the SQL Server.

If the consumer makes multiple changes to a single row, it is more efficient to submit all changes with a single Set Data call.

Describes the database application programming interfaces (APIs) that support options for updating data at the current position of a result set.

Transact-SQL server cursors also support updating data at the current row of a cursor.

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